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Executive Coaching is increasingly being recognised as one of the most effective ways to unlock potential and inspire positive change.

We understand that each coaching client is unique. We therefore work with individual clients to design a coaching programme which will meet their specific needs. Our aim is to focus on the ‘whole person’, working with them to raise their self awareness, maximise how they lead themselves and how they lead their teams. We are qualified coaches who have experience in coaching senior leaders with a variety of aims including:

  • high potential development
  • career transition & change
  • new role – first 100 day planning
  • first director, senior leader appointments
  • performance enhancement
  • enhancing self confidence and personal impact
  • raising self awareness and perception of behaviour on others
  • working with HR leaders on aligning their people agenda’s to the business strategy

Typically our coaching programmes include:

  • an initial chemistry meeting to ensure there is the right ‘fit’ between the coach and coachee
  • an ‘expectations’ meeting with the coachee’s line manager to agree outcomes and confidentiality boundaries
  • between three and six coaching sessions over a 3 to 6 month period. Typically each coaching session is 90mins to 2 hours
  • an ‘endings’ meeting to review progress, outcomes and plans for continued development

Our Coach Profiles:

Dorothy Matthew
Coach Profile
Vicky Warren
Coach Profile

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We specialise in designing bespoke leadership development programmes that have an immediate impact on leadership performance.

Working with leaders and managers at every level to develop the skills they need to inspire & engage their people, their teams and develop their personal leadership capability; designing and delivering leadership programmes and workshops which energise participants and create real change.

We work with you, your colleagues and customers, to ensure that the programme content is fit for purpose, excites those who attend and includes  a range of practical tools your leaders can put into practice the very next day.

Everything we do is delivered in a fun, engaging and challenging way. Our open and honest approach encourages the individuals we work with to widen their perspectives, and develop as people, as well as leaders. We are facilitators, not teachers, and our aim is to deliver solutions which are practical, grounded in reality, and which stimulate people to change the way they do things because they want to.

Typically our programmes consist of a number of one or two day workshops delivered over a 3 – 9 month period.

Each programme is individually tailored but often includes 360 feedback, our unique ‘Brilliant Teams©’ assessment and may incorporate individual coaching between workshops.

An overview of a one of our programmes is outlined below:

Part 1: Brilliant Leaders Launch Event - A high energy, participative & engaging Leadership event designed to build leadership momentum

Part 2: Brilliant Leaders Workshop - 2 day workshop focusing on what brilliant leaders do, raising self awareness, self leadership and one to one relationships

Part 3: Brilliant Team Leaders Workshop -2 day workshop focusing on the characteristics of high performing teams and what brilliant team leaders do to develop brilliant  teams.

Part 4: Brilliant Leaders – Where Are We Now? – A high energy, participative & engaging 1 day Leadership event designed to sustain leadership momentum

Contact us today to find out how we can develop your leaders to be the best they can be…


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Team Coaching is emerging as a highly effective way to accelerate team performance, resulting in direct benefits to the bottom line.

It is not unusual for teams to function at “less than the sum of their parts”.   Often teams are made up of highly successful individuals who do not always work well together.

Team Coaching enables teams to address real challenges and work together on critical business issues. Interventions that focus on ‘live issues’ are, in our experience, more effective than those that simply focus on interpersonal relationships.

Our approach

Our approach to Team Coaching programmes typically include:

  • Our ‘Brilliant Teams©’ assessment, which focuses on the essential characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Measuring your team’s strengths and opportunities provides the start point to enable your team to optimise their productivity and ‘how’ they work together.
  • Working with your team over a period of time to establish and sustain new ways of working together so that their output becomes ‘greater than the sum of their parts’.
  • Enabling your team to improve how it connects, leads and engages the organisation as a whole.
  • Individual coaching sessions could be incorporated into the Team Coaching programme where appropriate.

Our  Team Coaching Programmes are tailored to suit your specific requirements but would typically incorporate the following steps: Initial definition of the purpose & desired outcomes. Agreeing the focus of the one to one interviews & team assessment One to One interviews with individual team members and other key stakeholders

Team Assessment to diagnose common themes, team strengths and opportunities for improvement

Kick Off  Workshop to share outputs from interviews & team assessments.  Agree areas of focus, outcomes and team coaching process Coaching Sessions - Typically a further 3-6 sessions over a 6-12 month period

Closing Workshop to review actions, progress, next steps & build your team’s sustainability plan


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Becoming a ‘great place to work’ can have a truly significant impact on commercial performance, customer advocacy and employer reputation.

The rewards are well worth going after  - and it all starts with engaging your people.

We have significant experience in developing meaningful engagement programmes, engaging (even the most sceptical) leaders on why this matters, and driving significant improvements in engagement levels.  We also know from first hand experience the size of the prize in becoming a recognised as a ‘Best Company’ to work for.

 Practical Solutions

We support your engagement aims by developing plans to ensure your engagement survey is not simply a once a year event but is fully integrated into an annual calendar of activity to drive real action and change.

Best practice solutions we could support you to with include:

  • Incorporating why engagement matters into leadership development programmes.
  • Linking your engagement results with other commercial, customer and people metrics.
  • Facilitating ‘Culture Web’ or ‘World Café’ sessions with y our people to engage them on ‘where we are’ and ‘where we want to be’.
  • Transforming your communication programmes to inform, involve and inspire your people.
  • Developing simple and effective ‘Action Planning’ processes which drive real change at both company and local team level.
  • Establishing local engagement champions in each team to  drive ownership of local team action plans and plans for ‘keeping them live’
  • Developing clear strategies  to ensure engagement  is not simply an ‘annual survey’ but is integral to how you lead and  a  high performance culture.

Equipping people at every level in the organisation – Directors, Senior Leaders, First Line Managers and Team Members – to own and drive engagement will have a truly positive impact on getting you to where you want to be.


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We are experienced at delivering large scale change programmes that make a positive difference to your people and to your the bottom line.

We partner wiht our clients to deliver customised solutions that look beyond the obvious and enable positive and sustainable change.

We have extensive experience designing, developing and executing change programmes in a number of organisations and in a variety of contexts,  ranging from mergers and acquisitons,  to organisational &  business area restructures to departmental strategy reviews and problem solving.   We definitely don’t agree with the popular view that ’70% of all change efforts are destined to fail’…  We know that change is not something that is ‘done’ to people – it’s about involving people in the change and engaging heads, hands and hearts to ensure success.

Through structured support we work with you to:

  • Diagnose specific issues
  • Create a business case for change
  • Fully understand the business and people impact
  • Develop appropriae communication plans designed to inform, involve and inpsire your people
  • Support your people to become ‘firelighters’ or agents of change
  • Complete a company wide OD review with recommendations for change
  • Carry out a full assessment of your culture – where yo are now and where you want to be
  • Design and develop leadership programmes to deliver cultural change

Whatever the change you need to make we support you to develop the right approach to ensure that it’s delivered brilliantly.


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HR Strategy


We support HR Directors and HR Leadership teams to leverage their impact, influence and results.

We offer HR consulting services ranging from Stategy Development, to Talent Management to Employer Branding.  We work with you to quickly mobilise to deliver results and at the same time develop your internal capability to make a real difference to your business and your people.

We also specialise in coaching for HR Directors and their teams.

We understand your challenges and can support you through services specialising in the following areas:

  • HR Transformation
  • HR Strategy Development
  • Board Development
  • Leading Organisational Change
  • Developing Organisational Effectiveness
  • Assessment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Talent Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning & Development Strategy
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Culture, Engagement & Communications

We are passionate about the value HR teams can add through an effective and successfully executed People agenda. Our pragmatic, down to earth and commericial approach will help you to leverage your impact, your influenc and your results.


powerful coaching to accelerate performance and inspire positive change
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developing leaders to lead more effectively by inspiring and engaging their people
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coaching teams to become high performing 'brilliant' teams
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transforming your engagement strategies to drive commercial performance
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supporting delivery of positive and sustainable change
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HR Strategy

partnering with HR leaders to leverage their impact, influence and results
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