leadership development

leadership development

In a Nutshell

We specialise in designing bespoke leadership development programmes that have an immediate impact on leadership performance.

Working with leaders and managers at every level to develop the skills they need to inspire & engage their people, their teams and develop their personal leadership capability; designing and delivering leadership programmes and workshops which energise participants and create real change.

We work with you, your colleagues and customers, to ensure that the programme content is fit for purpose, excites those who attend and incudes a range of practical tools your leaders can put into practice the very next day.

Everything we do is delivered in a fun, engaging and challenging way. Our open and honest approach encourages the individuals we work with to widen their perspectives, and develop as people, as well as leaders. We are facilitators, not teachers and our aim is to deliver solutions which are practical, grounded in reality and which stimulate people to change the way they do things.

Typically our programmes consist of a number of one or two day workshops delivered over a 3-9 month period. Each programme is individually tailored but often includes 360 degree feedback, our unique ‘Brilliant Teams’ assessment and may incorporate individual coaching between workshops.

Developing leaders to lead more effectively by inspiring their people

In Practice

An overview of one of our programmes is outlined below:

  • Part 1: Brilliant Leaders Launch Event - A high energy, participative & engaging Leadership event designed to build leadership momentum
  • Part 2: Brilliant Leaders Workshop - 2 day workshop focusing on what brilliant leaders do, raising self awareness, self leadership and one to one relationships
  • Part 3: Brilliant Team Leaders Workshop -2 day workshop focusing on the characteristics of high performing teams and what brilliant team leaders do to develop high performing teams.
  • Part 4: Brilliant Leaders – Where Are We Now? - A high energy, participative & engaging 1 day Leadership event designed to sustain leadership momentum

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