team development

Team development

In a Nutshell

Team Development and Coaching is emerging as a highly effective way to accelerate team performance, resulting in direct benefits to the bottom line.

It is not unusual for teams to function at “less than the sum of their parts”. Often teams are made up of highly successful individuals who do not always work well together.

Team Coaching enables teams to address real challenges and work together on critical business issues. Interventions that focus on ‘live issues’ are, in our experience, more effective than those that simply focus on interpersonal relationships.


Our approach to Team Coaching programmes typically includes:

  • Our ‘Brilliant Teams’ assessment, which focuses on the essential characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Measuring your team’s strengths and opportunities provides the start point that would enable your team to optimise their productivity and ‘how’ they work together.
  • Working with your team over a period of time to establish and sustain new ways of working together so that their output becomes ‘greater than the sum of their parts’.
  • Enabling your team to improve how it connects, leads and engages the organisation as a whole.
  • Individual coaching sessions could be incorporated into the Team Coaching programme where appropriate.


For more information please download our Brilliant Teams Leaflet or visit our website:

Supporting teams to become high performing brilliant teams

In Practice

The Team Coaching Programme can be tailored to suit your specific requirements but would typically incorporate the following steps:

  • Initial Definition of the purpose and desired outcomes and agreeing the focus of the one to one interviews and team assessments
  • One to One interviews with individual team members and other key stakeholders
  • Team assessment to diagnose common themes, team strengths and opportunities for improvement

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